What are the best currency exchange tips in Mexico ?

The Mexican currency is the peso ($ Me). Its currency code is MXN.

Its rate is quasi-indexed on the American dollar, which amounts to saying, when the dollar rises, that Mexico is more expensive for Europeans.

Its symbol is similar to the dollar, but there is only one vertical bar and it is placed before the prefix of the country: $ ($ Me on this site). Hence sometimes confusion, especially in tourist areas, where a lot of prices are shown in US $!

To exchange currencies to Mexican pesos ( from US dollars, euros, Swiss francs or Canadian dollars), the easiest and fastest are the currency exchange offices (casas de cambio), that are in most cities and touristic places. No commission are added, but the exchange rates rates vary by office, do dare compare. They also have the advantage of having being open longer than banks.

If not, there are banks such as Banamex, Scotiabank or Bancomer, which in fact sometimes charge cheaper rates than currency exchange retail, but all do not exchange currencies (depending on the city), and , of course, the open hours (generally from Monday to Friday from 10 am to 4 pm) are more limited.

To withdraw money: banks all have ATM accepting Visa and MasterCard, sometimes also American Express. However, in addition to the commission taken by your bank, the Mexican bank gets a commission (the ATM tells you the amount). It is better to avoid repeating small withdrawals, which also multiply commissions.

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Credit cards (Tarjetas de crédito) in Mexico

Card payments are not as widespread as in Europe, with Mexicans mainly using cash.

Do not plan to use your card to pay for a local bus ticket, to pay for a neighborhood restaurant or your night in a cheap posada. On the other hand, for hotels or restaurants a bit chic, shopping in a supermarket chain, even a bus ticket in 1st class (not everywhere) is possible ... often with a commission of the order of 3 To 7%, sometimes more.

An international payment card is also essential to rent a car.

In restaurants, consider filling in (as in the US) the box "tip" (propina) and enter yourself the total at the bottom.

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