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This shop has closed or no longer provide money transfer services.

Adress : 553 Washington Ave, NY 12206-2301,Albany

Phone Number :518-433-5493

Open Hours :

Services : moneyTransferSend, mobileMoneyTransfer, moneyTransferReceive, directToBusiness, quickPay, moneyTransfer

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Every Money transfer location ( Western Union, MoneyGram and others) in Albany

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MoneyGram : WALMART - #4517 2586 n slappey blvd, GA 31701-1012,albany

MoneyGram : CVS - #10771 740 railroad ave, MN 56307-9456,albany

MoneyGram : LONGS/CVS - #9595 1382 solano ave, CA 94706-1832,albany

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