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What are the best currency exchange tips in Tunisia ?

The currency in Tunisia is the Tunisian dinar (Dt). Its currency iso code is TND.

Currency Exchange

There are currency exchange offices (often incorporated into a bank branch) everywhere and the exchange is usually done without commission. No problem therefore to get cash. It is also possible to change in post offices (again without commission) and in some hotels.

Travelers checks are only accepted (with a small commission) by some banks. Keep the receipt issued by your bank at the time of purchase.  You might be asked for it if you exchanged back TND into some other currencies.

Do not forget to keep the receipts issued by the currency exchange or the banks, as well as the withdrawals of money to the ATM: you will be asked to provide them should you want to convert your remaining dinars back at the end of your trip.

Credit cards

I have :

I want to get :

To get cash, there are ATM (accepting Visa and MasterCard) in all cities and touristic areas. Note, however, that the transaction involves withdrawal fees, so it is better not to make a withdrawal every day.

Whenever possible, it is preferable to use the ATM of a bank during the opening hours of the bank.

One can also use his payment card to settle his notes, but only the hotels of a certain standing, the great restaurants and the stores for tourists accept them. In service stations, for example, you still have to pay in cash (and of course, in small hotels and restaurants). Some merchants charge a commission on payments made by credit card (do not hesitate to ask the question before paying).

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