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What are the best currency tips in India ?

The Indian currency is the rupee (Rp), divided into 100 paisas. Its currency code is INR.

You can exchange money, usually without commission, at currency exchange offices, at some banks, as well as at some chic hotels.

However exchanging currencies at a bank is a looonnnnng process. You will wait for quite some time.

It is faster to exchange currencies at currency exchange places.

 Make sure you keep a certain number of your currency and ATM receipts: they may be asked if you exchange the rupees that remain at the end of your trip. It is strictly forbidden to import or export Indian rupees.

 Systematically refuse torn notes or notes with tape. They will be refused everywhere.

It is a good idea to always keep some money to pay for small expenses.

I have :

I want to get :

Credit cards

Paying with a credit card is not very common in India: Only chic hotels, some restaurants and luxury boutiques accept international payment cards.

When paying with a credit card, check that the amount will not be increased by a significant commission.

Cash withdrawal

The ATM network is very well developed in the country, and it is now very easy to withdraw rupees with Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Cirrus …

You are likely to be charged with a fee for each withdrawal ( usually 3% ) Check with your bank before the departure.

Finally, pay attention to the shortage of notes in small towns and keep in mind that most ATM do not allow to withdraw more than 10,000 Rps at a time.

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