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What are the best currency exchange tips in Cambodia ?

They are 2 currencies that circulate in Cambodia :

 US dollars issued by ATMs (prefer the Canada Bank ATMs that do not charge extra bank fees) and the riels needed to pay for small transactions in street restaurants and small shops.

 Even though you do not have to exchange euros or dollars for riels as you will collect them as change when you pay for something in shops it is better to pay in Riels directly.

You will pay virtually no more expensive bus tickets by booking with a guesthouse, but if the commission seems too high, try the street kiosks.

 It is not necessary to book. If you do, the price includes mostly a shuttle service that picks you up at your accommodation and takes you to the bus station of the bus company in question. The bus network is well developed and the vehicles are modern and air-conditioned. Nevertheless, even if the distances are those of a small country, the time spent in travelling is still quite long.

It is not necessary to buy Cambodian Riels in your home country because the exchange in Cambodia is identical everywhere!

I have :

I want to get :

 Prefer US Dollars to Euros because virtually all prices are displayed in US Dollars. For example, the only accepted currency in temples is the US dollar.

If you only have euros on you, there is a good chance that your interlocutor chooses the facility and considers 1 euro = 1 dollar...

In the border areas, you need Thai baths. Refuse to pay the visas in a currency other than the dollar because it will cost you more.

Vary the culinary pleasures and the places where you eat: markets, bars, small restaurants or Khmer canteens, more sophisticated restaurants or application restaurants ... Your taste buds will thank you!

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