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What are the best currency exchange tips in Australia ?

The currency in Australia is the Australian dollar. Its currency code is AUD.

Credit cards are accepted in most tourist areas but it can be difficult to use them in more rural areas, and small towns. It is best to have Australian dollars in cash.

Usually, the best is by far to have Australian because this allows you to negotiate and above all to better control your expenses.

Of course euros are accepted in some places and US dollars are used almost everywhere on the planet. But whatever the trade (excursions, souvenirs, restaurants or hotels), IF YOU PAY IN A CURRENCY OTHER THAN THE AUSTRALIAN DOLLAR, THE APPLIED EXCHANGE RATE IS INCONTROLLABLE.

For example, tour operators or travel agencies that establish grids in US dollars for trips to Australia do not adjust their prices on a daily basis and do not print new brochures at each rate change whereas the exchange rates change every day! They do this to help people feel more comfortable when they see prices in their currency but a wise traveler should acquire the habit to think in terme of local currency.

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Should I buy Australian dollars before departing to Australia?

Whether in your home country or Australia, there are competitive and less competitive currency exchange.

Indeed there are currency exchange offices that charge commissions or exchange fees in addition to the margin they make on the rate.

If you buy Australian dollars before you go, you can spend some time at home to compare the exchange rates applied by the different exchange offices. You know the language, the area, the culture.</p>

If you buy Australian dollars in Australia: Avoid train stations and airports because the exchange fees are often high!

There are many very competitive currency exchange, but finding them might not be easy. The language barrier and the time devoted to this research can discourage more than one who unfortunately turn to easy solutions: railway stations and airports...

Given the heat and tropical climate, the lifetime of the notes is shorter than in a temperate climate. That's why Australian dollars are printed on a plastic polymer. It is more expensive to manufacture them but their life is 4 times higher thanks to this material.

The standard of living in Australia is particularly high, take it into account when planning your budget.

Bank notes are a good complement to a credit card. If you lose your credit card, you still have some cash! If you don’t, well this trip could become a nightmare! (unless you enjoy sleeping under bridges and ask people for food )

Take your credit card during your stay abroad but check with your bank what the conditions of withdrawal and payment abroad are. The basic rules are as follows:

If you need to use your credit card, you should prefer payments to withdrawals because the commissions charged by your bank are lower when you make payments.

If you have to make a withdrawal, prefer banks that have a partnership with your bank because the exchange fees are lower and some banks do not take any commission.

You may also prefer the automatic withdrawal terminals, because when you make a withdrawal from a retail bank, additional charges will often be applied by the cashier.

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